About us

MeCorp Group is a developer of Digital Real E-state.

Investing in the development of the best digital Street Addresses on the internet; then marketing the Real E-state concepts through Portal Marketing.


Digital Job Advertising & Screening Service Australia & New Zealand; a premium digital brand providing both the Job seeker, and the employer with "regional" solutions for staff recruitment by cutting through all the false promises and getting straight to the shortlist.

The Recruitme™ process does not use a software program to filter out job-seekers like other job boards, people read every Recruitme™ job application, then they shortlist the candidates for the employer to interview.


Local Trade Jobs Online Trades people dislike applying for a job through a recruitment agency, they like to deal directly with the employer, this is so they can sell themselves, their skills and experience in person.


The best mining jobs in Australia australiaatwork.com is a high traffic, high value Digital Real E-state address.


Co2 emission trading & Credits This Digital concept is currently in development. Buyers and sellers of carbon credits will trade through this premium address, worldwide.


Digital concept in progress; this Real E-state high value digital address will introduce retiree's to the pathway of retirement with prosperity. Health,fitness,Investment,housing,opportunity.


Premium Real E-state digital address, reserved for a world wide Buy-sell & Exchange concept.


Is deemed by millions of Asians to be the luckiest digital address on the internet.


A worldwide register of serial debtors. This premium digital Real E-state address is conceptual work in progress for a major debt collection organisation.

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